Music Wednesday (sort of) – Always Look…

Today I taught my last class at the gym, the last class of the whole series of classes I covered.

On the way to the gym, our car (my coworker was giving me a ride) got stuck in traffic. I thought I would not make it on time, and my mind started racing over when I was going to get there and what I was going to say and oh my guru that was bad and will they be ok if we take 5 minutes after or what should I do and … Breathe.

There’s nothing I could do. So I just sat in the car, on a lovely road through the woods, sun peering through the trees’ branches, rooftop off.

I am a control freak. Not being able to control everything around me is my own private hell. But slowly, slowly, I’m getting out of this hell and discovering a whole new world, more peaceful and vibrant. It’s called Let-go-for-f**k’s-sake Land.

Of course I got there just in time. On time. Peeping into another place, called Take-no-prisoners-make-no-assumptions County.

Always look on the bright side of life, right?

(Please, if you have some time ahead of you, do yourself a favour and watch more Monty Python. Please. Try the French Taunter, I’m begging you. And I promise, we French people are not so rude. Only a little bit)


4 responses to “Music Wednesday (sort of) – Always Look…

  1. working on finding my ticket to Let It Go Land. meet you there? 🙂

  2. a little bit rude’s ok, as long as the food and scenery and art stay as wonderful 😉 oh, and the pastries and cathedrals and tree lined streets and the… 😉

    • Oh well, please don’t take offense Adan, but you Americans have always had a romanticized vision of France, even when you’ve lived there 😀 I mean, I cringe everytime I see an American movie set in Paris, why is the soundtrack always ALWAYS accordion? And why do American characters feel the need to wear berets?

      Accordion is played in rural France by old guys – and my mum – wearing berets -not my mum- , but anyone under, say, 50, would be ashamed to be caught in one. Except if they are rebranded by a very trendy haute couture “maison”.

      I hear you though on the food and the pastries 😀

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