Music Wednesday Special Edition! – A Change U Wish Post

When I was a kid, I used to love these almost- summer days when the sun was lingering around, his last rays peering in through the shutters of my bedroom as I was going to bed. I was home, in bed, safe, mum nearby.

When my mum was my age, I was already 14. When I was born, she was about to turn 20.

She had big dreams, my mum. She wanted to be an interpreter for the United Nations. She never got there. I studied Modern Languages at uni, and travelled more than she could ever.

She found other dreams, and she has built herself a nice quiet life, never losing her curiosity and her sense of wonderment, always looking at things with a beginner’s mind and her own sense of humour.

You dear readers know I’m always doing something, a training, a new challenge, going with my flow of ideas. Now wouldn’t you know, my mum, at 54, has now taken up learning to play the accordion. The ACCORDION, people! Of all musical instruments, she has chosen the accordion. Yes I have videos, no I won’t share, she would curse me and my future children, grand children, great grand children etc etc up to the umpteenth generation (and now you can do the math and find out how old I am).

There’s one dream she never gave up though: she wants to go to Ireland. So next year, we’ll go to Ireland. Together, a mother-&-daughter trip. This should be great fun 🙂

This month is her birth month, as well as Mother’s Day later in the month in France, and Mother’s Day in Belgium and the US this coming Sunday. I won’t be able to share any of those occasions with her, so instead I’m sharing with you all guys, and doing a good deed in her honour.

How? By supporting Epic Change‘s wonderful initiative To Mama With Love, creating a Heartspace online and supporting gorgeous Mamas who make a difference in the world. I’ve met a few of them, and I’m in awe of their work. Love truly can change the world.

And the best part is that you can do the same, create a Heartspace for a Mama you love and share it for the whole world to see.

Don’t let Hallmark win without fighting, this year the best Mother’s Day gift is over at To Mama With Love. Go. Now.

(c) Emmanuelle Lambert


10 responses to “Music Wednesday Special Edition! – A Change U Wish Post

  1. i love your maman already. 🙂

    • She’s great. I promise. Except she don’t read my blog no more because “it’s all in English and I prefer when you write en Français”. Oh well… I’m sure she understands more than she’s willing to say. Cheeky lady 🙂

  2. I love this! And my Mommy, she’s getting one!

  3. YOU are sooooo special and so is your mama. Sending lots of love to you both. And a big thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments this morning. Means the world to me…truly. We are not alone. And I love what you said that sometimes we have to let old dreams die to make space for new ones. YES!! Happy day to you. xo

  4. beautiful sentiment emmanuelle 😉

    had my mom here with my wife and i since sat and just took her back home (bout an hour and 1/2 away) yesterday

    your trip w/your momma to ireland should be very very special 😉

    • I am sure it will, we have never travelled together. Except when she came over to the UK to pick me up after my year abroad, by car and by ferry. Now that was an adventure!

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  6. As emmanuelle wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

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