Happy May Day! – May Goddess

Hello dear friends,

What a gorgeous day! Which also happens to be May Day, a public holiday in Belgium and France, and Beltane.

I think I already mentioned my spirituality has been evolving so much lately that it’s taken me time to absorb the changes I’ve been going through. I’ve gone from complete atheist, down to earth skeptical non-believer to something close to a Pagan. I think.

Today I am feeling so *connected* with the Universe, that I’m beaming with joy. Then I found out it was Beltane. No wonder 🙂

So I have a little something to share with you, a little piece of juicy spontaneous art I did a few days ago that is finding its purpose now: my May Goddess!

And here is the best part: you can download the .pdf file over here!

I know, sometimes I surprise even myself! No I’m not high on drugs, in case you’re wondering 😀

Enjoy this beautiful day, and the beautiful month ahead!


11 responses to “Happy May Day! – May Goddess

  1. You’re a Goddess everyday!


  2. Hey! I used to be an atheist, and now I am a total pagan goddess person! It’s a bit of a insane brain trip going from one to the other I think, I’m still getting used to it :S

  3. Yay! How gorgeous!!! Happy May Day!!! *Hugs* xx

  4. happy beltane, dear one. 😉

  5. happy dancing day lady!

  6. when i can, i like to back track a few places i know i’ve missed posts and articles –

    very glad i got back to this one, just makes me smile

    and your drawing, hmmmm…

    quite sensuous, free, and yet very pleasantly innocent 😉 kinda our natural selves huh?

  7. She’s gorgeous! ♥

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