Music Wednesday – Back with a Bang!

(Am i the only one who remembers this song? Am I that old?)

Hello dear friends, yes I’m back from Anost, Burgundy. Let me tell you something people: there is nothing better for realigning, mentally and physically, than going outside first thing in the morning in your pajamas and old running shoes to look at the flowers, still wet from their little nightly shower. Add the sun to the equation and you’ll get an idea of what heaven, whatever your faith is, looks like. That’s all the yoga I needed.

After a few days of sick leave and vacation, I know now my internal rhythm, I know what works best for me, I know how to take care of myself. I left in a state of utter confusion, I’m back with clarity and vision. For myself and for others, especially my family.

And it’s all good.

(c) Emmanuelle Lambert

8 responses to “Music Wednesday – Back with a Bang!

  1. A refresher would be great right about now. So, happy that you are able to get the rest and in touch rhythm you need. I feel like I am hanging on by a thread today an it is touching to know that human spirit can recharge.

    • Thank you for your comment Keishua. I was lucky enough to have a holiday planned exactly when I needed it.
      Take care of yourself, don’t force, take the time you need, this is sooo important!

  2. what great thoughts and great photo!

    you took the pic yourself? wow, very very nice

    your narrative makes me feel you’re the jeweled drop on the leaf 😉

  3. Hey Adan, nice to see you’re still hanging around here 😉
    Yes I took the pic myself. Every pic you see with the grown-up copyright thingy is mine. I aim to illustrate all my posts with my own pics, combining photography and writing. Next step is to dive deeper into art and publish it too, you know how this goes 😉
    And thank you so much for your comments, always!

  4. I’m with Adan, it’s beautiful picture and your vacation sounds perfect. I personally could get lost on vacation in that picture…


  5. don’t know this song.. definitely will check it out. hope you are feeling better!

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