Music Wednesday – Country House

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to my roots, leaving for my home region of Burgundy, France, for a few days. No, I will not bathe in a pool of wine and mustard, but I will take a deep breath of nice clean fresh air, literally and figuratively.

(And no, my parents don’t live in a “big house in the country”, but any video involving good ol’ Brit Pop and Damon Albarn is worth putting up here.)

To be completely honest, I need the break. The break from everything: work, training, classes, home, city, internet, laptop. Everything.

I need to retreat so I can dive in the busy-ness as soon as I come back, so I can move from the WTF? zone to the YES! zone, so I can properly rest and heal my shoulder, so I can cover teach all the yoga classes I have lined up as of next Wednesday, so I can surrender and stop resisting.

And you can bet there will be chocolate involved in the process.

Be back in a week, meanwhile keep kicking asana peeps!

(c) Emmanuelle Lambert


8 responses to “Music Wednesday – Country House

  1. get better young lady, and as anna above says, enjoy!

    if the shoulder still bothers, after a good rest, maybe get it checked?

    pulled this, over-stretched that, if you know what the problem is, there’s almost always an asana that’d help it – strengthen this, loosen that 😉

    and if you’re not gonna bathe in that pool of wine, maybe some sips from a fav blend? why not…

    • Went to the doctor’s already, so I know what it is, and yoga definitely is a relief. Trying to be careful though 🙂

      • ah, my apologies, i shouldn’t have assumed you hadn’t 😉 sorry ’bout that 😉 please do have a wonderful break, take care and see you when you post again 😉

  2. that sounds wonderful. 🙂

  3. I hope your journey back to your roots is going well!
    And yes, it’s always good when chocolate is involved :).
    gina (from GC)

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