My Best Teacher

(c) Emmanuelle Lambert

Learning something every day about myself.

I am my best teacher.

That doesn’t make the whole process less painful.

Or maybe it’s the upcoming full moon.

My body needs healing while I thought I was strong. My spirituality is flourishing while I thought I would never believe in anything beyond myself. That said, maybe after all I don’t and everything’s just the same. My creativity is overflowing and I thought I was never going to be an artist.

I am writing from a place of confusion and discomfort right now, and maybe I will regret hitting the publish button.

Then again, as I’m retreating in my cave, I know something will come out of it. I’m shedding my old skin to let the new skin shine bright. I’m not sure which form and colours will emerge though.

Maybe I just need a tropical vacation and a margarita after all.

Make that two.


4 responses to “My Best Teacher

  1. short, but sweet 😉

    maybe, “a place of confusion and discomfort” is just the edge, playing itself out?

    either way, your history says something good (you like) will come of this 😉

    • Hey Adan, thank you so much for stopping by 🙂
      I think you’re right, it is the edge. Question is, the edge of what exactly 😀

      Anyway I got a good night sleep so I’m better already!

  2. i wondered that myself 😉 the edge of what!

    i’m working on a post for monday on my site to try and answer that for myself, much more complicated explaining it, than feeling it, of course…

    glad ur doing better too 😉

  3. gorgeous picture, wise words. the questioning, retreating, emerging are all part of that flourishing spiritual life.

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