Yoga Class of the Day

* Disclaimer: please bear in mind that when this occurred, I was not my usual self. Or maybe I was being my true self, the one that can actually be kind to strangers at bus stops at 8pm without actually being scared. Anyway, I had just taught a lovely private and was on yoga teaching high. Here we go*

SCENE: bus stop, place Flagey, Brussels, Belgium, around 8:15pm. Enters our main character, Emmanuelle, in yoga clothes, carrying yoga gear, heading home, starving (not necessary to action but I’m the one writing the story. Anyway). She notices the two older folks staring at her and her stuff, trying not to look them in the eyes. You never know, after all one of them is holding a can of beer, she don’t want no trouble.

Oldie 1: what is it you’re carrying?

Oldie 2: yeah, it looks like there’s a baby in there but it’s not is it?

Emmanuelle: er no, it’s a yoga mat (smile and be nice, they’re not gonna hurt you. Or are they? No they’re not).

Oldie 2: yeah, yoga, right? You just been to a class? Ah you taught one? What style?

Emmanuelle: (what style? How come I didn’t get the “oooh you must be bendy!” or “yoga’s not for me, I need to move”? ) Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Oldie 2: ha, never heard of that one. I used to practice for a while, but then had an accident and hurt my knee. My ex-wife practiced for ages and she could put her legs behind her head!

Emmanuelle: (Holy crap)

Oldie 2: so how’s the connection to the divine happening? Is it the movement ? Is it the breathing?

Emmanuelle: (Holy CRAP!) – goes on to explain what is Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Oldie 2: ah yes. And there’s mantra too, right? Do you use mantras? Which ones? Gayatri Mantra? Can you chant it? Ah yes, I know that one !

Oldie 2 and Emmanuelle: chanting Gayatri Mantra together while bus arrives. Bus stops, people get in and off, pretending not to notice the loonies singing in a weird language.

Oldie 2: very powerful that one, right, moves stuff around.

Oldie 1: he went to India you know.

Oldie 2: yeah I did, I stayed there 3 months. A lot of things happened there, life-changing you know. Well not only in India, I travelled around the world you see. But there it was funny, one sadhu wanted to walk with me, I almost did the catering for a wedding there, ’cause I’m a cook, see.


Oldie 1 & 2: well, it was nice talking to you, take care, we’re getting off here!

Emmanuelle: x_x. Wait, what?



1. Never make assumptions about people. They might surprise you.

2. Teachers can be found everywhere. They might not know they are teachers though.

3. The world will not collapse if you chant at bus stops. I swear.

See the lil' head in the picture? Yup, that's ma lil' lady from previous post. I'll show you what I did with her, I promise. Only later. One lesson a day.



6 responses to “Yoga Class of the Day

  1. wow i love it. what an incredible experience. it’s amazing the things that happen when we’re open.

  2. I am very timid to talk to strangers but I find that when I do I always walk away with new knowledge. It’s amazing at how connecting with strangers can make you grow and accept more of life ❤

  3. that’s the nicest story ’bout us old folk i’ve read in awhile

    thank you 😉

  4. What a great story!! I was reading this on my blackerry whilst walking to the supermarket, laughing my head off. People looking at me very weird.

  5. Thank you daaaahlings! I hope I’ll have more stories of this kind to share in the future 😀

  6. I freakin’ love this story! LOVE it!
    and you for having such a wonderful experience ♥♥♥

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