Music Wednesday – Chant with me

I’ve had this in my head ALL day (as well as a Nirvana song, but you already got a bonus one yesterday – oh dichotomy!).

I sung (chanted) it at work this morning, no one seemed to bother. Then again, they know me.

I chanted it at home this afternoon, I guess my neighbours by now don’t pay attention anymore, if they ever did. Or they might think that the hippy looney from upstairs is at it again, she must be in a cult or something.

Lovely Boyfriend doesn’t even hear me anymore either. He’s sitting next to me reading a comic book while I’m listening to this again. I will not mention his age.

So there you go, dive in and enjoy. You may even close your eyes and chant along.

6 responses to “Music Wednesday – Chant with me

  1. AH! so beautiful!

    Sometimes I put yoga music on in the office on my iPod and no one ever notices, but everyone is mellow!


  2. digging it, singing it and using it in classes. i love me some chantin’

  3. pretty. think i’ll play this later during my home practice. 🙂

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