Clearing and Blossoming

Again, one of mine, best doodle in ages!

First of all peeps, I’m sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I like to have a post up on Mondays but yesterday my mind was just a blank space and my brain told me to f*** off when I tried to write. I played with paint instead 😀

But today, I am feeling the pulse. Some things just come to you, supposedly unrelated, and yet together they make so much sense.

Today Mondo Beyondo’s Spring Dream Lab begins, entitled Spring Cleaning for the Soul, and all about clearing. Today, as I received Dream Lab’s first lesson, I also received #reverb11‘s April prompt: “What is Blossoming?”.

Cleaning and blossoming. Come to thing of it, these two words go so well together. What can be blossoming without making space for it to blossom in the first place?

I see unfolding before my eyes: more yoga learning, more yoga teaching (yay!), more space for it to happen. More creation, more art, more journaling, feeding my yoga as much as the (tons of) books I (want to) read, the walks and (scarce, oops) runs in the park, the practices on my mat.

Deep down, I know what is the clearing I need to make. I’ve written about it at length on this blog, and lately I’ve managed to make peace with it, thanks to some, er, adjustments I made (say changing positions at last and down to 4 days a week – flexible – starting now). But how long is this going to last? Not 10 years, lemme tell you. Let’s just say that for now, annamaya kosha still needs to be fed (and money to be saved :D).

Let’s just say that for now, clearing has started and I’m blossoming.

And  this, even if it’s not Music Wednesday, because for the last time I’m hugging and saying goodbye to the shy and self-conscious awkward teenager I used to be.

I HAD to post the all-dress version, you know I had to.

10 responses to “Clearing and Blossoming

  1. love the doodle (and the post) you blooming lotus flower you 🙂
    p.s i doodle stars – ALL the time. Too much meditation.

  2. Love the doodle!

    And yes to the cleaning & blossoming, they do go hand in hand as I definitely feel this year ♥

  3. great post. those two words sound great together. i need to do some cleaning and blossoming myself. 🙂

  4. The doodle is B-E-A- utiful!!!

    And OMGoodness . . . you’ll never guess what next week’s #mindful52 is about – and they were all PRE-planned before 2011 started! Blossoming and Emerging. How funny is that?

    Great post . . . awesome things in store for you, Ms. Emm!

  5. i LOVE her — she’s joyous and beautiful. plus, i always like my girls to have juicy booties. 😛 i do!

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