10 Signs You’re not Sick Anymore

1. You’re up for more than 2 hours straight. No naps anymore, you’re buzzing like a thousand bees on crack so how could you possibly sleep?

2. Speaking of which, you’re back to your old sleep patterns. I.e. sleeping like a fired-up twig. I.e. waking up at least 5 times during the night.

3. And thinking of how you’re gonna teach that particular pose to that particular student. As if it was really useful at 3am.

4. Still, you manage to wake up at 7:15am to go to work. Oh no wait, 7:10 so you can meditate for at least 5 minutes.

5. Because at last you can focus and acknowledge your thoughts without dozing off.

6. After staying still for almost a week (read: no physical activity whatsoever, except bed-fridge-loo-couch), you want to do pilates and run races. On top of practicing and teaching yoga. And a – for now – full time job. A Lovely Boyfriend that needs to be taken care of. Did I mention you might also want to sign up for some kind of dance class, you of uncoordinated feet?

7. I forgot to mention: your creativity is on fire again, and all you want to do is journal, draw, paint, work on collages and all kinds of colourful stuff. You need at least 4 different notebooks and pads. At least. Sparkle, rise and shine!

8. You crack jokes all.day.long. Your coworkers start thinking they liked you better when all you did was cough your lungs out. Or were at home, for that matter.

9. You are able to read more than 1 page of the Kundalini Tantra without getting a headache. A tough test that one. (Seriously: read the book. Get it. Now).

10. You sing at the top of your lungs 3 Neil Young songs in a row and it’s past midnight. And you’re not drunk. Your neighbours hate you anyway, so why bother?

11. You add a 11. when you promised 10., blame it on the Super Moon for the burst of extra energy. People, honestly, can’t you FEEL it? I can. I’ve become increasingly sensitive to the moon cycles, and right now I kind of want to quit my job to do all of the above and much more (because, ya know, I’m no Wonder Woman), but I kind of need to have food on my plate too.

So I’ll keep cracking jokes and sing at the top of lungs, and piss everyone in my vicinity off, MUAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*


3 responses to “10 Signs You’re not Sick Anymore

  1. yeah! 5 minutes o’ meditation! what what!

  2. You ARE funny Emm! So glad you’re feeling better! It sucks being sick and it sounds like you really had it!

  3. welcome back to wellness! 🙂 good to have your sassy self back.

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