Music Wednesday – After Dark

Overwhelmed. Powerless. Hurt.

Every newscast seems to be bringing its share of wars, disasters, nuclear scare. What to do in the face of it all? What to do when you’re not a fireman / peacekeeper / policy maker? What is the point of doing what we do every day?

There is no point other than this. We keep going. We have to. Whatever good we do, in any shape or form, in this world, is good done to this world.

We yoga teachers may not change the world in one go. But I want to believe we do good, in our humble way. If one student leaves my class feeling better than when they arrived, then my job is done. If other doors open overtime and they get to understand the connection we all share, even better.

We humans are part of this world, not on the outside as an uber powerful sentient patronizing species (nature just proved us who the boss is), not in the centre with all things, living or not, revolving around us. Whatever we do has a consequence. We all have the power to impact on our environment, for better or for worse.

Is our work meaningful when so many devastating things happen in other parts of the world? Yes, I believe it is.  What we do is much greater than us, and in the grand scheme of things, every little thing has its place.

So smile, run, practice, teach, donate, breathe. Hope. And let’s keep moving forward together.

I will be there after dark. Will you?


10 responses to “Music Wednesday – After Dark

  1. Beautiful post! Inspiring and thought provoking. Very poignant for such a turbulent time in the world. I share your values in that our individual efforts in making this world a better place, will help sustain the planet. Get involved! x

  2. I bow to you, Om Namah Shivaya ♥

  3. I love this post. thank you…

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