Music Wednesday – Patience

Blogging and life’s ways are twisted sometimes, you know?

When I read Namaste Heather’s #mindful52 post focused on patience, I wondered what I could have to say about it apart from the odd “I am NOT patient” and not leave it at this.

No I am not patient, neither with myself nor with people. Patience is a quality I am learning, it is not innate to me. Except in one context, as I am discovering lately: when I teach yoga. I don’t even have to think about it, it occurs naturally. Because it’s not about me wanting to get something or somewhere, it’s about being a facilitator for people to take care of themselves, broadly speaking.

And now, I am forced to be patient with myself too. See, I have been in a funk lately, now I’m getting sick, I can’t seem to be able to sleep properly. My skin is breaking out, my balanced diet has gone awol, I have a nagging pain in my left rhomboid (can you see the teacher trainee here? oh dear…). Actually it’s no big deal, I know it. I’ve come to recognize these symptoms for what they are: my body is telling me to back off. Sit down. Meditate. Not beat myself up because I am not in asanaing or running mood. Or blogging mood for that matter. And wait until I regain this energy.

I have work to do, day job & freelance, and private yoga sessions to prepare and teach. But I will take the time to acknowledge that I am not at my best and take care of myself. And wait for my body to feel better. There’s no other choice really, is there?

Take care of yourselves peeps. Be kind with your body. It knows what feels right for you.

10 responses to “Music Wednesday – Patience

  1. Wise words. 🙂 Sending hugs.

  2. hey E. I get you and ditto on all of the above. For me this crazy life stuff shows up at the base of my deep frontal line (YTT students rule) : the soles of my feet.

    best thing is that you notice what’s up. hope things turn the page

    love this song. thanks for sharing it. xo

  3. Hi emma, Sorry to hear you are in a funk and unable to sleep etc. That you are listening to your body and working on patience. 😉 It’s the hardest thing sometimes isn’t it.

    I’m impatient with my body and mind right now too but there is nothing else to do but to practice working with what is and on listening very carefully. Maybe I can catch up with Mindful52 soon.

    Listening to your music as I type! Planning to attend a Yoga class next week too. I’ve only ever done a little Yoga in a mindfulness course once but always wanting to, meaning to etc.

    • Hey Jan, nice to see you around 😉
      Just like you said, nothing else but to practice working on that, a great lesson if I may say so. Not the most comfortable place, but we learn and grow through discomfort too.
      Good for the yoga! Let me know how it goes.

  4. Hey Emm, thanks for the shout-out! Great post – just noticing is probably MORE than half the battle, I think. Get better and keep on keepin’ on! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Yes yes yes! This has been me all 2011 and we’re just barely in it. But these are sage words my dear friend.

    Be well ♥♥♥

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