The Power of Yes

Hell, Yes, by Ugo Rondinone (façade of the New Museum) - *love*

Can I just start by saying how grateful I am for you, dear dear readers, for your comments, Twitter RTs and feedback on my last post? I can’t deny I almost freaked out when I wrote it, I almost teared up, I almost believed I would never hit that “Publish” button. But I felt it was the right thing to do. So I said yes to “Publish” 🙂

Saying no is powerful. We’re so often told we should say no for our own sake. I can’t really disagree on that one on some occasions, right?

But what about “yes”? Oh wait, let me rewind this and rephrase: what about “OH YEAH, BRING IT ON!”? As in “I’m freaking scared but I’m gonna do it!” YES. As in “I’ve never done it before but I can pull it off!” YES.

That’s what happens when you grab your fears by the balls and tell them to work for you, not against you.

This month I said yes to a couple of things: to freelance gigs that have come my way, to writing more, to changing jobs (ok I had been waiting for that one for AGES), to teaching yoga, to reaching out to people. That also meant drop a few things along the way, some things I felt would not be right, not now anyway.

How? By listening to my guts, not my brain. When something comes up, I pause, and listen to what my belly has to say. Yeah call me a freak, but that’s really what I do.

More importantly, I said yes to my dreams. They are here, and they’re very much alive, thank you very much. They push me, not violently, it’s only a small nudge but they’re my inspiration, and they’re here to stay, until they come to life. Freedom was supposed to be my #reverb10 word for 2011. I realize now it means the freedom to dream, the freedom to let go of my limited beliefs and fears, the freedom to be me.

When was the last time you said “HELL, YEAH!”?


4 responses to “The Power of Yes

  1. hell, yeah! love this and all the posts you put up. Same sensation happened when I posted my YJ cover post on EJ and my blog. who knew i’d strike a nerve.

    kudos kiddo

  2. I’m with Nancy–giving a hell yes to this! 🙂

  3. every day, mama. every day. 🙂

  4. I say hell yes to this and everyday!

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