A Change U Wish Post: Support Afghan Women’s Shelters

I am a human being living on this Earth. I am a woman to boot.

I do believe that whatever harm is done to someone somewhere, is harm done to each and everyone of us. I do believe that whatever good is done in this world, it is good done for this world. If we fail to do anything when we could do something, anything, we fail, full stop.

Which is why violence of any kind directed towards women, my sisters, makes my heart bleed, all the more so when it comes from men, my brothers. Which is why I urge you today to do something that any smart blogger and social media marketing guru would strongly advise against: I urge you today not to spend too much time on my blog, but rather go over to woman-of-wonders and zen peacekeeper Marianne Elliott’s blog and read her post on Afghan women’s shelters and the Afghan government’s plans to take them over.

These independent women’s shelters accomplish tremendous work to help women suffering from abusive / violent marriages, providing them with an safe place to recover and rebuild themselves.

And we, people of this world, my fellow yogis and yoginis, CAN do something not to let the Afghan government’s plans go through.

Please read Marianne’s post for actions we can take. Listen to the gal, she knows what she’s talking about!

You can also sign the online petition launched by Women for Afghan Women over there -> http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/savetheshelters/

All in all it takes 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes to do some good in this world 🙂

Thank you!



2 responses to “A Change U Wish Post: Support Afghan Women’s Shelters

  1. done and letter sent… thank you!

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