Synchronicity Much?

I was never one to believe in fate or signs, I was never one to be superstitious. Except when knives’ blades cross or when the loaf of bread is upside down. And don’t get me started on scales. But that’s a whole other story.

Concept of synchronicity by Jung - gotta love the "indestructible energy" 😀

I still don’t believe in signs. What I still believe now though, is that you / we / I have the power to make things happen if you / we / I open myself to possibilities. If you are willing to make some bold moves and take a few risks. If you are not afraid to fail. If you recognize the opportunities that lay before you and not just ignore them and pretend you’re out of luck. There is no “out of luck”.

Just when I started looking for another job, a solution was found in my current company to finally – FINALLY! – replace me so I could move on to the position I was supposed to take already months ago.

Just when we did a YTT weekend on the chakra system, I got the opportunity to test the class I had written then for a private session with a wonderful student. Tomorrow will be the third class I’ll be teaching her. The best thing about it? The look on her face when the class is over. Oh, and the fact that we immediately book another one. I’m really happy for her that she makes space and time for herself, and I am glad to be a facilitator for self-care to happen.

Just when we did a YTT weekend on the use of voice, I got the opportunity to sub for my yoga teacher in Brussels. When she had to cancel the class I usually attend, I felt I had to step in. I wouldn’t have 6 months ago. I was not ready.

How it went? I am not the one who should report on that, but on my part it felt bloody terrifying and bloody exciting at first. Then I stopped thinking and started breathing with them. I think it worked 🙂

Now I’m taking it slow. I have to reassess a few goals, a few dreams. See where this all leads me.

What I know though, is that I am not afraid as much as I used to be. I open to possibilities, I open to opportunities, and if anything needs a little push, I’ll be there to push and not shy away. Not anymore.

In the grand scheme of things, everything will come together in the end.


3 responses to “Synchronicity Much?

  1. Absolutely, yes it will! Belief is half of it! Unlike you, I’m very into synchronicities (although not superstitious either). For me, its more about paying attention to the little things around me. Have a lovely week, Emm!

  2. i love your enduring positivity. always inspiring. 🙂 you da bomb, ma.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree. There’s in the right place at the right time, and then there’s getting yourself there.

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