Feeling the Shift

In everything, on every level.

Yesterday for the first time ever, and I mean, EVER, a fellow yogini told me I was impressive in certain poses. Me, Honorary Member of the Utterly Tight Body Club. I’ve become the yoga chick I love to hate – oh you of the judgmental eye-rolling trick, don’t lie, we ALL do that 😀

Last weekend during TT, I felt it was all coming together. All the things we have been learning since the beginning are tying in together. I feel I can teach yoga. And that doesn’t mean being able to impersonate a pretzel, thank you very much.

This week I got paid for an article I wrote, and my first ever – again, EVER – essay in English got accepted to be part of something you’ll find out about next month. Heck, submitting it was already a huge step for me, President of the Self-Deprecation Association. Am I right making time and space for writing? Yes, I am right.

Today, I decided I would start cleaning my desk at work. Making way. For whatever happens.

This week I have started feeling with my guts and heart, and my brain has taken a back seat. This week I’ve made friends with my fears, they speak to me in a much softer voice, almost a whisper, very sweet and low-key, not attacking me anymore.

I guess that’s what opening up to possibilities and having a little faith do.


4 responses to “Feeling the Shift

  1. woohoo! jump into the void!!!

  2. Such love and lightness here! Yay for you!!!

  3. So exciting, these times of momentum! Well done for being able and free to ride the wave. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much darlings!

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