Dream List (Mondo Beyondo Week #1)

My, what a week that was! Full moon + PMS = deadly cocktail as far as I’m concerned (and the poor souls having to bear with me, bless them and their beautiful heart).

This Mondo Beyondo thing? A-ma-zing. Yes, I know this word has been overused, but I truly feel no other word could do justice to what I’ve been experimenting so far.

The whole week slowly led us to jotting down a list of dreams, just about any dreams, from the simple daily wishes to the wildest thing we have ever dreamt of. I love how Andrea and Jen slowly guide us and have us break through the limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back. They give us permission to look at the dreams we deem impossible – and they probably are! – and acknowledge they are there, actually write them down in the craziest gonzo writing list you have ever seen!

That led me, for the first time ever, to acknowledge and embrace this vision I have of myself in a few years. I can literally SEE myself in this vision that regularly comes back as this sweet fantasy in the back of my mind. It keeps coming to me when I close my eyes. I’ve decided that it would be me, then. And I did a rough rendering in my journal of what I’d been having in mind for ages. It does make things more attainable doesn’t it?

Very blurry photo of a blurry "back to the future" sketch - you're looking at me in a few years from now 🙂

To finish off this week with a bang, I had one of the most fantastic TT weekends ever. Working on esoteric anatomy and the chakra system, reading and writing down positive affirmations counteracting our limiting beliefs, is this synchronicity or what?

It’s all coming together. I know where I’m headed, and that’s a nice change. I give myself the permission to dream, to act on my dreams. I give myself permission to change my mind. I give myself to be imperfect, there is no such thing as perfection. I give permission to trust myself and the Universe. It’s all here 🙂

What permission are you giving yourself today?

(you can give yourself permission to enter a nice giveaway, there’s still time!)

5 responses to “Dream List (Mondo Beyondo Week #1)

  1. Hi 🙂 It’s Lisa G. from your MB class. Glad to connect with you here!

  2. Wow – this was inspiring to read. I really need to get all my thoughts and dreams down on paper! Glad to see you so inspired and the drawing is way cool!

    • Thanks Maria!
      I really encourage you to have a look at your dreams, just get them on paper, even your wildest dreams you’ve never dared say out loud.
      Then forget about your list 🙂 some things will pop up in your mind, glimpses and images, let them come!

  3. Nice, Em. That visioning exercise (I’m in MB class, too!) really did a good number on me. Good for you for sketching it out.

    Glad to find your blog. Will keep following. Yogi myself, and former Brussels resident (coin Av. Louise+Vleurgat.)


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