The Permission to Dream Big (Mondo Beyondo Week #0)

I was never one to enroll in every and any e-course I stumbled upon. I was even wary of them, fearing they might be scams. After all, there’s a plethora of e-courses for everything and anything, to the point it gets ridiculous. Why would any of these be of any use to me?

Then I came across Mondo Beyondo several times late last year. A course encouraging people to “dream big”? I got intrigued, then interested, then I signed up for the Winter 2011 session. Which is, well, now. You might have noticed the lovely button on the right side menu : I strongly urge you to click on it and check for yourself.

You know how I’ve been talking about needing a kick in the butt to leap? I’m not saying this is it, but it might help.

The course is officially starting today, but last week we were treated with week #0, and trust me it has already fed my spinning mind hearty food. First set an intention for the course (I’m good at this, just wait), get some reading done, and the best part: working on our core values. Do you know at all your core values peeps? Do you know what they are or do you think you know what they are? Since this activity alone I have felt a shift, physically felt a shift inside of me. I can feel these values inside of me, holding me up, helping me stand up. Powerful stuff, lemme tell you. And then a whole sheet with affirmations, “Dreaming Big” reminders for every day.

Friday 14th January affirmation

But the best and saddest part of the course, is finding out you are not alone. You are not alone longing for something else. You are not alone dreaming of a more fulfilled life. You are not alone in feeling something wanting to get out there inside of you. How come we end up in such uncomfortable positions, letting society-imposed standards rule our lives? I f***ing don’t know, and this is so bloody sad.

How many are we out there rejecting more and more a “normal” life? In French we have this saying: “métro, boulot, dodo” (loosely translated: “tube, work, bed”). Do we really want this?

Well I’m sorry, this is not what I want.

I am participating in #mindful52, Heather‘s wonderful idea, as well, and this week is the week of discipline. I’ve always been disciplined, I don’t need anyone telling me what to do. My own discipline? Working diligently at breaking the molds.

Wanna join?


7 responses to “The Permission to Dream Big (Mondo Beyondo Week #0)

  1. I signed up for the first Mondo Beyondo and loved it – especially connecting with so many other women willing to dream big too ! Thanks for the tip about #mindfulness52, I will check it out…

  2. Hells yeah! Breaking the mold can be one of THE hardest things to do … but so worth it in the end! And talk about transition! Good luck with Mondo Beyondo. I’m looking at taking that course the next time it’s offered.

  3. It’s interesting – this is the second post I’ve read this week about not wanting to fit the stereotype of ‘normal.’ I can totally relate to this; I’ve never had nor wanted to have a ‘normal’ life. I can feel a blog post of my own coming on about this very subject.
    Thanks for the link to mindfulness52. I am going to sign up right after this. It’s just what I need right now.

  4. i have always been dead set against normal, which to me equates stagnant and boring.

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