C’mon Baby, Do the Meditation

Let me tell you a little story: remember how in a previous post I wrote that instead of going to bed as planned  the night before, I stayed up for another solid hour, writing, writing and writing away?

When I woke up on the day after, I mean a few hours later really, I was still on a writing high. I smiled all day, and I even sang. Out loud. At work.

There was one moment however when I lost my mojo and thought I was going to cry. A set back in some plans I had. Nothing serious, but not what I expected. When I got back home, I sat on my yoga mat, and meditated for a few minutes.


Yup I use a Buddhist mudra, & nope these are not my hands 😀

I focused on the happy side, on how I’d been feeling all day, on why I had felt like prancing around like a little sheep all day. I focused on what I was passionate about. The writing. The yogaing.

And finally, finally I made peace. I made peace with who I had been, with baby-me, with kid-me, with teenage-me, with young adult-me. I made peace with who I was. I am at peace with myself.

And this is only the starting point. It doesn’t end when you open your eyes, it starts here.

When you meditate you’re not shying away from the world, you’re not cutting yourself out, you’re not being passive. On the contrary.

You’re gathering your troops, realigning them, getting them ready. You’re focusing on your strengths, on what matters, eliminating what doesn’t. Meditation is the deep inhale you take before diving head first and reconnecting with who you are in this world and with others.

Finally at peace. And ready for new adventures. Bring them on, I can handle every thing, Meditation Ninja style!

5 responses to “C’mon Baby, Do the Meditation

  1. Simply beautiful! Love to you ♥

  2. Absolutely!! Beautiful post. 🙂

  3. I feel more at peace just from reading this post! ❤ Namaste . . .

  4. Thank you lovelies! 🙂

  5. gaah — now i have Locomotion stuck in my head! 😛

    i love that meditation simply gets deeper and deeper.

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