A New Chapter On a Comet

Twitter peeps, tell me, when you subscribed didn’t you have the hardest time writing a profile description that would be your “brand” in 140 characters stat? Or maybe it’s just me.

Take the marketing advice and shove it … somewhere

In the blogosphere – and virtually everywhere else, for that matter – we are required to define ourselves precisely with acute velocity. Marketing strategies have transpired in the blogging world, and we are supposed to find a niche, stick to it, brand ourselves, and from this point on build our following.

I’m saying “screw it”.

Who am I?

We have various and different personae. I am a woman, I am a daughter, I am French, I am a partner. I am a yogini, I am a student, I am an employee (ugh), I am a writer, I am a translator. I am a UK lover, I am a dark chocolate lover, I am a music lover. I am all of the above and so much more.

Why couldn’t we show ourselves completely? Why should we stick to one thing and make it our sole identity? Why not stick a label on our forehead and wear it for the rest of our lives then?

Confusion prevails. Until…

See, I’ve been confused lately, very confused. As you know all I want is freedom, very simply put. I am still working out how to do this, but I’ve been getting ideas, I’ve been reading stuff, I’ve been thinking about this whole life thing (“it’s complicateeed!” in a whiny Scott Pilgrim-like voice – BTW if you haven’t seen the movie, go. Please), and subsequently about this blog and the direction I want it to take. And I got even more confused.

Until I chose to throw it all out of the window and listen to that little voice deep inside, the one that’s getting louder. I’ve found out that I don’t want the blog to take the highway and switch to cruise control, I want this blog to go my own ways.

This is me, then (take 3)

Is it a yoga blog? Sure. Is it a writing blog? Hell yeah! Is it a personal blog? I don’t really have to answer that question now do I? A travel blog? Of course. A social change blog? Will be on some occasions. Will I finally be posting that coco-cashew risotto recipe I raved about? … Oh…

I will have one, and only one, blog. My Creative Sadhana is coming to an end next week (bloggily speaking, because there will be a follow up, oh yes there will). I will not blog on The Change U Wish anymore, but I will post here about causes and projects that touched me and I want you to know about. Because in the end, I can’t separate this kind of topic from who I am, from what I do, from what I think.

So this blog will be everything Emmanuelle, whatever that is. I’m passionate about yoga, about learning to teach yoga. I’m passionate about the English language. I’m passionate about travelling. I’m passionate about helping people out and inspiring them to just move, because I know what it feels like to feel trapped in a soul-sucking place.

Plans On A Comet

Hence the name change. As explained in my About page, “drawing up plans on the comet” is the literal translation of the French expression “tirer des plans sur la comète”, meaning “building castles in the air”. These plans may be viewed as foolish or impossible, but I don’t care. My aim is to think outside the box, live on a comet, and make said plans a reality 🙂

Expect to find all the above when you come here. I hope that even if some posts or articles are not completely relevant to you , you still learn something, that they touch you in a way.

Thank you so much to all of you readers and fellow bloggers, for your presence, your feedback, for the inspiration. I thank each and every one of you for being who you are and supporting me, this blog is for you 🙂

Now let’s get to it shall we?

8 responses to “A New Chapter On a Comet

  1. I say be who you are, let every facet shine! It’s your truth. I’m looking forward to reading more ♥♥♥

  2. Love the new look! I think this will be a great new adventure for you and your blog. 🙂

  3. i was wondering what new blog subscription was popping up in my email….

    congrats and rock it!

  4. Thank you ladies for your support!
    You rock 🙂

  5. I just found your blog through mindful52 and just wanted to say how glad i am to have done so. This post is just brimming over with courage and enthusiasm. Your words hush some of the voices I’ve been listening to about blogging and the reasons for blogging – I do not have a business and my blog is a personal blog of sorts which is my attempt to bring all those elements of myself together. Giving space to a small voice that I have not been hearing clearly for so long. For it to grow.

    I am clear that i do want my blog to be about inspiration and “solutions” however. Just reading about your merging of your “the change you wish” blog, and how this is an essential part of who you are, what you do and what you think, has inspired me greatly. So thank you.

    I read something a few days ago which also helped, along the lines of not having to be an “expert” but how the words we blog often “speaking” to someone else just at the right time for them, triggering a ripple effect.

  6. Can’t wait to read mooooore!! you go girl!

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