Smart Goals

Yesterday I tweeted about writing down my goals for this new year. I mean really grabbing a pen and a notebook and write them with my own hand.

See resolutions and intentions don’t work for me. I know, I tried. Veni, vedi, non vici.

For the first time ever, I have goals written down, black ink on white paper. Being OCD as I am means still having to organize them in categories by order of importance (I know…), but writing them down is already a big step right now.

Then I remembered one thing I learned when I took my business management course last year. I remembered about setting SMART goals. Now, most of you will say they’re smart people anyway so obviously your goals are smart. This I know and I never doubted it. I’m talking about what most people in the biz know: when you set goals, make them

  1. S = Specific
  2. M= Measurable
  3. A = Attainable
  4. R = Relevant
  5. T = Time-bound

Meaning your goals must be clear and easy to assess, they should be realistic and in line with the grand scheme of things, and there must be a – dare I say it? – deadline.

Ow, now that does sound like a cheap boring marketing trick, doesn’t it?

But the truth is peeps, that s**t works. Honest.

Setting your goals with all the above in mind make them come to life, make them concrete. Make them scary, you know, as in “oh dear, it looks like I can actually get this done”. Yes you can, yes I can, to quote You-Know-Who (not that one, the other one), yes we can.

There’s still a couple of things though to keep in mind:

  1. Things – and goals – are not set in stone. Things happen that can get in the way, life’s ebbs and flows are sometimes beyond control, or you might change your mind. It’s ok;
  2. You can tweak the SMART thing a bit, if you’re so inclined. That’s precisely what I did: instead of writing down completion date, I wrote completion months.It’s ok.

Wanna see a sample?

  • Run another 5k: first semester 2011
  • Run a 10K: second semester 2011
  • Teach yoga regularly, even if it’s one class every two weeks : first semester 2011 (that one’s starting well, if you’re interested to know)
  • Work my way down to 4 days a week at my day job : first quarter 2011 (bloody hell, I’d better be asking now, the decision-making process being what it is in here)
  • Move in to cheaper apartment with Lovely Boyfriend : first semester
  • Get my first freelance job on : first quarter 2011 – yes, that means I’ve signed up (and that basically you can find out everything about me, oh well…)
  • BIG STUFF: first quarter 2011
  • Complete yoga teacher training : July 2011 – can’t WAIT for that one
  • BIGGER STUFF: last quarter 2011 (if before, yay! but let’s not build castles in the air right now)

Obviously there are some goals that I’m not sharing right now, but you will be the first to know what’s on the agenda when I come out of my goal closet (especially as there’s something in it for you there).

What about you peeps? Do you prefer resolutions, intentions, goals, words? Tell me everything 🙂


4 responses to “Smart Goals

  1. Very SMART post! It is all about setting achievable goals…it makes “Big Stuff” and “Bigger Stuff” seems more attainable.

  2. I like “goals” best.

    I don’t know why, and discussions on semantics both thrill and irk me. But somehow goals feel the most actionable of the group. It isn’t just stuff you hope to do or things you are going to try for. Goals are how you win games. I’m big on winning. I like it a lot.

    We’ll have to compare 10K training notes, though yours is earlier than mine. I’m a mostly outdoor runner though, and with the Maine winter and no gym membership my training is a lot less during the first quarter of the year!

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