Everything’s OK + Photo + Soul Food

aka #reverb10 catch up.

Mmmh yeah, I apologize in advance to the authors of these prompts, but to me these are not the best ones I’ve seen.

A moment when I thought everything would be ok? Now.

A photo of myself. Let’s just say that for technical reasons (ie me staying at my parents’) I don’t have a photo of myself on hand. And I’m not sure I would post it anyway if I had one that I liked enough. I’m not the kind of person that jumps in front of a camera to pose and have her picture taken on any and every occasion you see… So we’ll have to do with what I have already put out there for now 🙂

Food that I will never forget: I love food, how can I pick just one thing? I dunno. Honestly the fist thing I can think of is food eaten after a run or a challenging yoga practice, this is always the best food. As well as food shared with friends and family.

Hope you had a great Christmas, and that somehow it’s not quite over yet…


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