What Is Dying to Be Born?

NOT a #reverb10 post, although it could be part of it.

Speaking of #reverb10… This, the whole yoga thing, the sadhana I’ve embarked on as a YTT assignment, the repeated crisis of last week (which I left out of this blog to concentrate on reverberatin’), the job situation… I can feel the effects of this kick-ass, mind-blowing recipe from hell.

I tweeted earlier today that I have my Big Idea Mojo back on, I can find no other way to describe it. I’m taking a step backwards and watching what I’ve been doing for a few months now, actually acting on my ideas.

I see what’s working, what’s not working, what I’ll stop doing, what I’ll keep doing, what I’ll be changing, I can see the next steps. The shapeless thing that has been lurking at the threshold is making itself seen clearer, making itself heard louder. It still needs some polishing before I let it be born, but it’s here.

I’m leaving for France tomorrow for a week. I’m gonna turn my over thinking mind off, enjoy the good company, the good food, the good moments. And if that “something” is still here when I return, I will know then I’m on the right path. But I won’t go into more details now.

Because I want to hear all about you peeps. You’ve been putting up with me and my incessant whining for a while, so I’m returning the favour. And I’m curious, I admit it.

Has #reverb10 done anything for you so far? Is there anything inside you that has shifted? Is there anything dying to be born? And what is it? What will you do to set it free?

Tell me all about your big plans for 2011!


2 responses to “What Is Dying to Be Born?

  1. Oh man, you know mine! Like you I’m trying to kick back and let go. Whatt will be will be right?

  2. I’ve overall not found the reverb too helpful! There have been a few good ones, but I often feel like a lot of my reflections fall along the same lines, same stories- and they’re the ones I already embraced for the year. It kind of feels like beating a dead horse, you know? I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit to spend less time reflecting on the [ast and more time living in the moment with friends and family, and my other creative outlets.

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