Prompt of the day: Travel – How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

I am not English mother tongue, by now you all know that, you read my musings and ramblings every day, it transpires in every single sentence I write, I have my own weird style partly fueled by the fact that my primary language is French. Oh wait, my style is weird in French too, but that’s a whole other story.

Anyway. The above mentioned fact sometimes makes for interesting questioning. Although I believe my command of English is fairly good, there is still room for misunderstandings and  “WTF? effect”. Example: “How do I travel? WTF does that mean? Where, I get it, but how? Does that mean I have to bore the c*** out people by writing I took countless trains to Dijon or London, or planes to Tokyo and back, to Montreal and back? Is that what it’s all about?”

Mmmmh… Allow me to put on my skeptical-questioning-self suit.

Mind you, I could tell you all about it, about spending 12 hours + on a plane to Japan and brainwashing myself watching movies after movies because I can’t sleep in that damn coach/middle row/middle seat, but you probably don’t want to read about it. Although that could make some nice mind rest after the last prompts.

So I’ll tell you just one thing: this year has been the year when we have made our travelling dreams come true. But I have also embarked on a completely different journey, a spiritual, internal and life-changing journey which is far from being over. How am I doing? I am travelling with an open mind and an open heart, embracing differences and change as they feed me.

This is HOW I travel.

PS for my lovely new American readers: yes Dijon is an actual place in France, the place where I was born, not only a type of mustard. *Chauvinistic Self Mode ON*: truth be told, the mustard made in Dijon is THE real deal peeps. Just sayin… *Chauvinistic Self Mode OFF* By the way I’m going back there tomorrow for a few days, allow the daily #reverb10 posting to be somewhat irregular for a while 🙂

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