Hey ho, let’s go!

Back from my weekend in London, well to be honest I was back in Brussels yesterday morning but work got in the way of blogging, life happens I guess (oh and I’m lazy sometimes).

My yoga mat and me, all set and ready to go (and obviously food, never forget the food…)

Well, where to start? It was a great, fantastic, exhilarating, uplifting, challenging and inspiring intensive.
We started both days with a great practice, which left me a happy sweaty mess, followed by theory, philosophy, sequencing, use of music, and overall so much to absorb and so little at the same time…

For two days, we managed to build a small community of like-minded individuals, so different and at the same time sharing the same passion and vision, creating such a great atmosphere. I have to say I was – and still am – amazed at my fellow yogis and yoginis’ kindness and heart: one of them offered me to stay at her place every time I come over for the TTC, how amazing is that?

I left wanting more, and ready to absorb all the knowledge I can, ready to start the TTC in September, ready to full embrace it, and ready to work my a** off. What a fantastic journey this will be!


One response to “Hey ho, let’s go!

  1. It’s great to feel your energy spreading from your words! 😀

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