Graphic novel

A long Easter week end in Burgundy
It started with a lunch date with my mum
Soy milk, pineapple, coconut
Goat cheese salad
Gingerbread cake with custard (it was lighter and chewier than expected, great dessert! Gingerbread is also a Dijon specialty, we don’t have only mustard ;-))
Then off to the country we were
My brother’s doggie guarding my parents’ little house in the country (not the prairie!)
And back to Dijon
Downtown Dijon today
Unpictured : the amount of food eaten during the weekend, my grandparents’ surprise and emotion when they found out I was back in town (my mum had kept it a secret), my niece’s joy when she found all the chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny had brought for her ;-), the feeling of contentment and gratitude I have had since I arrived “home” last Friday (another way of living yoga when you can’t really practice asanas, right? ;-)).
Tomorrow I am going back to Brussels, and except for Lovely Boyfriend who is waiting for me there, I am not sure I want to. It is time change happened, will I be patient enough?

2 responses to “Graphic novel

  1. Oh what lovely pics! I am glad my protein post helped and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip but that you’re going to be back on more “normal” food and less exotic things…sometimes (well for me) basic and simple is always best and its what my body asks for 🙂
    Love downtown dijon. the sky is SO blue!!!!

  2. I love going home, too. It just feels so good. And I’m always sad when it is time to leave…

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